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Building the Wall  
iTheatre Collaborative at Herberger Theater Center Building the Wall
This play from Pulitzer and Tony winning Robert Schenkkan imagines a near future revolving around one of the nation's hottest political topics. With the wall up and thousands of immigrants detained, a writer interviews a supervisor at a private prison who awaits sentencing for carrying out the federal policy that has escalated into the unimaginable. Come see Building the Wall at the Herberger Theater Center in Phoenix.
Depend on Me  
Brelby Studio Depend on Me
Monica just moved back to town after grad school, and has responded to an ad looking for a roommate. Celia is as much an introvert as Monica is a bubbly extrovert, but Monica's charm leads them to create a friendship that is tested and manipulated when death begins to surround Monica. Depend on Me is a dark comedy that explores the struggles and strains of conflicting personalities in a roommate, and the dark depths people can plunge into in order to feel needed. Don't miss Depend on Me when it comes to Glendale's Brelby Theatre Company.
Hercules vs. Vampires  
Phoenix Symphony Hall Hercules vs. Vampires
If Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead had a three-way with Puccini, their lovechild would only be half as twisted as Hercules vs. Vampires, an insanely fun new film-opera hybrid from the Arizona Opera that takes a cult fantasy flick (Hercules in the Haunted World, an epic 1961 sword-and-sandal cheesefest starring bodybuilder Reg Park) and transforms it into live opera. Here's how it works: Whenever the actors projected on the silver screen open their mouths, you'll hear their lines sung live by a talented cast of singers, accompanied by a live orchestra. Directed by the great Italian filmmaker Mario Bava, the film follows Hercules on a heroic journey to rescue his beloved from an army of bloodthirsty zombies and a fiendish mastermind of terror. The film is swaddled in glorious early-1960s Technicolor, and the atmospheric new operatic score by L.A.-based composer Patrick Morganelli provides the perfect accompaniment to Bava's gorgeously gaudy world.
Man of La Mancha  
Arizona Broadway Theatre Man of La Mancha
It's not every fictional character who's so iconic his name becomes an adjective, but that's one quest in which the lovably insane self-styled knight Don Quixote triumphed. No doubt you've heard the tales of his daring, his brave battles with giants (actually windmills) for the hand of his beautiful lady (actually a prostitute who wants nothing to do with him). And while you've probably always meant to read it, this 400-year-old Spanish novel runs about 1,000 pages and you've got Game of Thrones to binge-watch. Luckily, there's a classic Broadway musical version -- Man of La Mancha -- that brings this timeless character to life with some of the greatest show tunes ever written. Come dream "The Impossible Dream" when Don Quixote rides into Arizona Broadway Theatre in Espaņa (actually Peoria).
She Loves Me  
Don Bluth Front Row Theatre She Loves Me
A pair of feuding perfume shop employees don't realize that they're secretly and anonymously writing love letters to each other in the sentimental musical comedy She Loves Me. This charming, Tony Award-winning tale of cute but arrogant manager Georg and his spunky new clerk Amalia features music by Jerry Bock and lyrics by Sheldon Harnick -- the same pair that wrote the tunes for the Broadway classic Fiddler on the Roof. Produced on Broadway in 1963 and revived in 1993, the story is adapted from the play Parfumerie by Hungarian playwright Miklos Laszlo, which served as the inspiration for the films The Shop Around the Corner and You've Got Mail. Enjoy this production of She Loves Me at the Don Bluth Front Row Theatre in Scottsdale.