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The Boob Show  
Phoenix Theatre The Boob Show
The hit that's all about busts, The Boob Show returns to Phoenix via the Phoenix Theatre's Mainstage. Written by local artists Sally Jo Bannow (Dead Man's Cell Phone) and Craig Bohmler, this uplifting piece looks at the world of breasts in new and different ways, but always with heart. A perfect platform for Bannow's unique humor, The Boob Show also draws on her own experience as a breast cancer survivor. Celebrating breasts of every size and shape (and gender), this remarkable 45-minute comedy features original music as well. Be sure to see it before it heads to the off-Broadway stage.
Gidion's Knot  
Tempe Center for the Arts Gidion's Knot
Over the course of a parent/teacher conference, a distraught mother and an emotionally overwhelmed primary school teacher have a fraught conversation about the mother's son, Gidion. As his story is slowly revealed, the women try to piece together a satisfying explanation for Gidion's violent act and come to terms with excruciating feelings of culpability. Gidion's Knot brings its provocative and moving storyline to the stage courtesy of the Tempe Center for the Arts.
Hair: The Musical  
Arizona Broadway Theatre Hair: The Musical
HAiR celebrates peace and love, taking you back to 1960s New York as young hippies try to make sense of their lives in the shadow of the Vietnam War. As the "tribe" -- a group of politically active bohemian youths -- fight against conscription, Claude has to decide whether to resist the draft as his friends have done, or succumb to the pressures of his parents and conservative America. HAiR is filled with unforgettable songs, like "Aquarius," "Let the Sun Shine In" and "Good Morning, Starshine," which all became anthems of the anti-war movement. Filled with unbridled energy and infectious songs, this stunning production at the Arizona Broadway Theater in Peoria provides an electrifying look back into '60s hippie counterculture.
Theatre Artists Studio Red
Master abstract expressionist Mark Rothko has just landed the biggest commission in the history of modern art, a series of murals for New York's famed Four Seasons Restaurant. In the two fascinating years that follow, Rothko works feverishly with his young assistant, Ken, in his studio on the Bowery. But when Ken gains the confidence to challenge him, Rothko faces the agonizing possibility that his crowning achievement could also become his undoing. Enjoy John Logan's RED at the Theatre Artists Studio in Scottsdale.